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From: Melissa Ingold

Subject: You Really Don't Have to Be Pushy To Sell Stuff

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I don't know about you, but I started an online business because I could never make it in the offline sales world. I hate being pushy and found it intimidating to approach people. I figured if I were selling online, I wouldn't have to feel this way.

Thankfully, I was right.

have an online business that keeps my prospects coming to me, instead of me chasing them down. Imagine that! People actually want to hear what I have to say and buy products when I tell them too.

And it all comes down to one skill...and that's copywriting. Without that skill, my online business might be dead in the water. Everything you write for your business is copy - everything from emails to articles to your blog. I'd like to help you make the most of it.

Here's a few things you'll learn by signing up for my absolutely free copywriting tips:

  • How to fully understand your target market: If you don't know who you're selling to, how can you possibly give them the information they need to buy your product?


  • Why EVERYONE is not your target customer: Don't spread yourself thin. You can sell more to fewer people.

  • How to get the courage to sell online: It's really not that scary. It's not like your customers are going to yell at you. If they don't like your offer, they'll just click away.

  • How to make your copy more believable: Hype in your copy is dangerous, particularly when the hype in your copy doesn't live up to what your customers actually get with your product.

  • What people really want to hear: There's a few things in life that really motivate people to spend money. Find out what they are.

  • Developing relationships with your writing: It sounds kind of airy-fairy, I know, but if you can learn to write in away that inspires trust in your prospects - it's easy to sell a lot more.

  • Why you can forget everything your high school English teacher told you about proper writing: By writing in a style that is uniquely yours, you can actually make more money online. And don't worry, it's not that hard to find your unique style.

...and each week, I'll send you a new and easy-to-apply tip to improve your online writing. If that sounds good...

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